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Episode 5

The Challenges of Last Mile Logistics: An Inside Look at Amazon DSPs

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Every day, around the world, Amazon is pulling off a logistical feat of inventory fulfillment and next-day deliveries the likes of which has never been seen… So how do they do it?

Joining us today is Ahmad Khan, the President and Founder of Colonial Logistics, an Amazon Dedicated Service Provider – or DSP. Ahmad’s DSP runs routes in Houston and Fort-Worth, consists of over 200 vans, 450 employees, and delivers nearly 200 packages per day per van — if you are tracking the math that’s upwards of 40,000 packages per day across the company.

Today, it’s a massive operation, but when Ahmad started the company just three years ago, he had only 10 vans and an optimistic attitude. 

In today’s conversation, Ahmad guides us through that explosive growth, how he nurtured a culture of safety as the company expanded, and shares the good and the bad of being a DSP. Plus, he gives us a glimpse of what it’s like on the frontlines of package delivery.

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