The Best of Citizen Development from Season 1

Episode 24

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Season 1 of IT Visionaries brought terrific guests and their takes on citizen development. In this episode of IT Visionaries, here is the best of citizen development from this past season featuring takes on encouraging new developers to the benefits of implementing it.

“I don’t consider it citizen development as much as I consider it citizen configuration.”- Jo-Ann Olsovsky

Show Notes

1:40 – Zach Gray On Accidentally Discovering Citizen Development

7:15 – Sudheer Sura On How Citizen Development Helped Influence BMC’s Governance Model

11:00 – Jamie Smith On How Citizen Development Helped Energize Employees

12:40 – Jo-Ann Olsovsky On Citizen Configuration and How It’s Helped Speed Up Productio


The Lightning Platform
MS Companies
University of Phoenix

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In this special episode of IT Visionaries, we take a look back at the best of citizen development from Season 1 and its future.

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