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Season 2 / Episode 31

The Battle for Scale with David Kidder

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What happens when legacy companies find themselves at a war with growth? When innovative new methods run up against outdated bureaucracy? 

Scale is a flywheel that gets harder to spin after each turn – as your business adds more layers and processes, the harder it is to continue to be nimble and innovative. It’s a problem as old as business, and one that David Kidder knows all too well.

David is the co-founder of Bionic, where he is on a mission to help established businesses tackle the problem of scale using technology, data, and drawing inspiration for the world’s fastest growing companies. Bionic installs a startup ecosystem into large enterprises: something they call the Growth OS. 

On this episode of Hidden in Plain Sight David joins Chad for a candid conversation about the challenges big business face in today’s climate, his book New to Big, and the role data and technology play in arming those corporations in the battle for growth.

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