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The Art of Storytelling with Alec Baldwin

Episode 258
Alec Baldwin discusses what drew him to work with us on Season 8 of The Story.

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Alec Baldwin is an actor who has won numerous awards for his roles in TV and film. In his over 20-year career, Alec has portrayed a number of diverse roles – from Jack Donaghy in the Emmy-award winning show 30 Rock to Blake in the classic 90’s film, Glengarry Glen Ross.

Recently, Alec partnered with the team at Mission to host Season 8 of The Story, a Mission-original podcast that tells the unknown backstories of some of the most fascinating people in history. Season 8 focused on the stories of eight veterans who helped shape American culture and history.

In this episode, Alec sits down with Ian and Chad to discuss what drew him to working on The Story and why the characters he portrays on TV aren’t always reflections of his personal beliefs.

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