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Technology-Driven Marketing with Whitney Bouck, COO of HelloSign

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Are marketers technologists? According to Whitney Bouck, COO of HelloSign, they ought to be. Whitney has spent years marketing to CIOs, and she thinks that marketers need to be just as much of technology junkies as the people they market to.

On this episode of Marketing Trends, Whitney explains how to make that idea a reality. She also talks about her current work at HelloSign, why she decided to become a COO after a career in marketing, how to market highly technical products, and much more.

5 Key Takeaways:
– Marketers who want to be successful need to be technology junkies, especially if they’re selling to CIOs.
– One of the keys to developing a great relationship with a CIO (or any executive) is listening more than you talk.
– When marketing a technical product, it’s very important to focus more on the user experience than on the technology itself.
– As a leader, you need to to find great partners who can act as sounding boards and take your ideas and push them to new limits.
– Marketers succeed the most when they make their customer the hero.


Whitney Bouck is the COO of HelloSign where she leads the Sales, Marketing, Customer Operations, and Business Development Teams. Whitney also serves as an advisors and mentor to numerous startups, including LogDNA and Ekata. Previously, Whitney has held senior marketing roles with Box, EMC, and Oracle, among other technology companies.

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