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Season 8 / Episode 1

Success, One Customer at a Time with Glenn Gonzales

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When building a business, it is easy to be blinded by the big, flashy measures of success. And when your heart and mind are set on acquiring more customers, getting more investors, hiring more people, and scaling the business as fast as possible… you can quickly lose sight of the daily wins that lead to lasting growth with higher impact.

“Defining successes is fairly simple for us. The first step of that is number one, we have to operate safely. If we’re not operating safely, we will not have customers. … The next thing we have to do is make sure that people are happy. How do we make sure that people are happy? Listen to them, understand their needs, be compassionate, and empathetic to what’s going on in their world, and make sure to be there.”

That’s Glenn Gonzales, an Air Force Academy graduate, a Lt Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserves, and the founder and CEO of Jet It, a hybrid ownership program that provides customers with access to round-the-clock private travel.

In Glenn’s 40 years of aviation experience, he’s learned that finding long-term success isn’t about scaling and scaling fast, it’s about staying true to your core values and focusing on delivering an amazing customer experience, one plane ride at a time.

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