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Staying Elevated with Robert Glazer, CEO of Acceleration Partners

Episode 397

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As the state of the world becomes increasingly more uncertain, the collective effort to maintain level-headedness, positivity, consistency, and control in our personal and professional lives has never felt so potent. Even in these radical times, there are ways for us to adapt to our unique situations and use the tools we have to optimize for a better future. 

Today, we sit down with Robert Glazer, CEO of Acceleration Partners. Robert is a founder, author, speaker, and expert in elevating performance in both business and life. Chad and Robert discuss the good and bad of Robert’s journey into entrepreneurship, the myth of work-life balance, the tools they use to stay positive, Robert’s approach to COVID-19, and what the future looks like for Team Human.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Robert Glazer is a speaker, writer, and CEO of Acceleration Partners.
  • Acceleration Partners is a performance-based digital channel that connects merchants and retailers with affiliate marketing programs to allow for click-based revenue on a per-sale basis.
  • The ways that early formative experiences shape our interests and our sense of purpose in our careers.
  • Robert shares tips and tricks on how to deal with managing multiple professional commitments at the same time.
  • Discussion on how to develop a series of well-constructed templates for different situations. 
  • Ways to manage and respond to small sample employee feedback as a leader in a large system.
  • How to address mental health within a company throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Robert and Chad discuss the potential for an economic boom unlike any we’ve seen before as an outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The philosophy of integration and time blocking.
  • Finding ways to stay creative and maintain cognitive awareness.


This episode of Mission Daily is brought to you by our friends at TriNet. Just this week, TriNet published a blog and webinar series to help small and medium-sized businesses manage the impact of COVID-19. It covers actions you can take to be prepared should one of your employees test positive for Coronavirus. It also covers other factors you should consider, including employee compensation, if your business is required to shut down due to the pandemic.

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