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Solving The Largest Existential Threats with Bill Goldstein, Director of LLNL

Episode 392

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Today’s guest is Bill Goldstein, Director of The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

LLNL is hard at work protecting Americans and solving some of our largest existential threats; from protecting the nuclear stockpile to fighting global pandemics. Bill has been at the helm of that massive ship for over six years and has overseen some of the world’s most incredible projects.

It’s an interesting time for Bill, LLNL, and the world at large. We are so excited to have Bill join us today and share his insights into the research that is helping solve some of the world’s most concerning problems.

Key Discussion Points:

  • What Bill’s been up to and what’s currently happening at LLNL with their nuclear work.
  • Why there is acquiesce around nuclear development in the US.
  • Some examples of how nuclear developments are being sped up to catch up with the world.
  • Bill’s take on the future of nuclear development in light of the strides over the past decade.
  • Other industries that could benefit from a re-learning and LLNL’s energy involvement.
  • Find out more about exciting carbon sequestration developments to help climate change.
  • Learn more about Bill’s proudest moments as the Director of LLNL.
  • What LLNL is doing in terms of the coronavirus outbreak and developments.
  • Why the inter-disciplinary approach to coronavirus has been encouraging to Bill.
  • How the work on coronavirus could influence speeding up drug development generally.
  • An example of long-term partnerships Bill has overseen in his tenure as director.
  • Why knowledge and culture transfer is the biggest challenge that Bill and the LLNL face.
  • How having an excellent team has helped Bill in his position as Director.
  • Advice that Bill finds himself giving over and over again: Look around you.
  • Some of the ways that LLNL is expanding its outreach program.
  • Interesting developments that are happening with silicon chips and changes it brings.


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