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Solving Collaboration and Coordination with Dave King, Head of Marketing at Asana

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Every marketing team needs 3 C’s – communication, content, and coordination, according to Dave King (LinkedIn Twitter), Head of Marketing at Asana. On this episode of Marketing Trends, he talks about how marketing leaders can better manage all three.

In this conversation, Dave also talks about the difference between collaboration and coordination, why he decided to join Asana, the advantages of the self-serve model, and his philosophy for building and managing a marketing team.

5 Key Takeaways:
– Marketers can’t just be focused on messaging. They need to focus on the management of content and how it gets to the finish line.
– Marketers can’t bring the same playbook to every company. They need to adapt to their business, and its product and strategy.
– A company’s goals and values should be a part of the way it operates and manages products.
– Marketing needs to be focused on the full customer life-cycle and not just on acquisition.
– “I think as a marketer, our job has always been to create content that is useful and delightful to the audience, and then scale it.” – Dave King


Dave King is the head of global marketing and dedicated to showing teams everywhere why Asana is the best way to manage their projects and tasks. He looks after Asana’s brand and leads efforts to drive market growth and build the Asana community. Before joining Asana, Dave led the marketing teams at Percolate, Highfive, and Salesforce Community Cloud. Dave earned his B.S. from Duke University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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