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Season 03 / Episode 06

Serving Customers for Life with Jason Lemkin

The life of an entrepreneur can take founders to elevated peaks of accomplishment, and deep valleys of desperation. And the time to go from one to the other can be surprisingly short. Jason Lemkin has seen both several times. He’s learned that what matters more than skill or personal network is the individual determination to keep going. 

Looking back, most entrepreneurial journeys look more like a roller coaster than a well marked trail, and it’s only over when you decide it’s over.

“For me, in the early days of both my startups, and on some level in everything I’ve done, I refused to fail. It was just not acceptable to fail.”

When Jason Lemkin threw himself into the world of tech startups, he didn’t waste any time playing low-stakes games. Right from the start, he was dealing with tens of millions in investment, acquisition offers tenfold higher, IPOs, and bankruptcy. Then he did it all again. And again. It was an education few founders could ever learn so quickly or thoroughly.

Today, Jason leads SaaStr, a community, event series, and publisher leading the conversation in the Software as a Service industry. He’s also looking to invest in founders like him, the rare leader willing to commit fully to their venture, and never, ever give up. 

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