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Season 03 / Episode 05

Self-Care with Jesse Draper

Jesse Draper has venture capital in her blood. Her father is famed VC Tim Draper. Her great grandfather started the first venture firm in the Western US. So you might assume she’s always planned on being in venture capital. But Jesse originally set out to be an actress. She hadn’t even considered a life in VC, because growing up, she’d never seen other women in the space. Today she leads Halogen Ventures aimed directly at investing in female-founded startups. She’s learned there’s no shortage of incredible talent in the field. And despite incredible deal-flow and work to be done, it’s essential for her and the founders she works with to decompress and take care of themselves along the way.

“That was an interesting moment for me where I realized that, oh yeah, I have to make sure I feed myself and hydrate, like very basic things for a human. And I think that’s something for everyone to remember. We get caught up in work and life and you forget to look up and take care of yourself.”

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