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Questions to Ask Investors Pt.1

Episode 208
This list of questions is designed to make you think and act as a guide you as you select what investors you want to work with.

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Capital partnerships are like marriages… you wouldn’t propose on a first date, right?

If you’re thinking about taking investment from investors, think deeply and create a list of questions to consider. In today’s episode, Chad and Steph discuss the 50 questions that they have asked when considering taking capital from investors.

The questions that follow aren’t necessarily for you to ask your investors, they’re designed for you to think about, and to help guide you as you select what investors you want to work with.

And what if you aren’t raising capital or don’t even own a business? That’s fine! These questions are applicable to life and building any relationship.

For the full list of 50 questions that founders should ask investors, go here.


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