Progressing IT through Business Partnership and Citizen Configuration

Episode 7

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Jo-Ann Olsovsky has been involved with technology since she first stepped out of school and into the working world.

At age 19, she worked at AT&T as a technician repairing network gear and modems. She progressed through the ranks becoming an engineer, project manager, and then a manager. After that, she became Director of Enterprise Network Services and Technology Support Services at GTE Verizon before moving to Telecom where she continued her track record of achievement. First as Assistant Vice President, then becoming VP and CIO, and finally SVP.

By this point in time, the energy of the Salesforce community was becoming contagious, so Jo-Ann left Telecom to become the Executive Vice President and CIO of Salesforce.

Jo-Ann joins us today to discuss aligning business strategy with IT strategy, empowering citizen developers, and how to select new technologies for your business.

It’s very important that we center customer experience around everything, and that’s no small undertaking – Jo-Ann Olsovsky, Executive VP and CIO, Salesforce

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Jo-Ann Olsovsky, CIO of Salesforce, recently joined us on IT Visionaries to discuss aligning business strategy with IT strategy.

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