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Season 03 / Episode 09

Playing Well With Others with Marcus Cobb

From a young age, Marcus Cobb had always been pretty clear about his strengths. He was bright, creative, a quick learner, and always had his eyes open for opportunity. Teachers in grade school called him a genius.

But he’s also never shied away from his shortcomings and learning from setbacks. He had to learn the mechanics of teamwork by losing a great job. In leading his own startups, he’s learned the value of delegation and relying on other people.

In short, he learned the genius alone wasn’t enough.

“I don’t look at failure and success as separates. I think that it’s a yin and yang — that failure is success in its early stages.”

Today at Jammber, Marcus relies on that team ethos to build a great company. He’s focused on growing headcount while preserving and improving company culture. And for their customers, they’re making teamwork easier by simplifying the notoriously complex world of music royalties.

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