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Season 03 / Episode 08

Perfection is the Enemy of Progress with Amanda Bradford

The road from idea to product to launch is an emotional one full of twists and turns. It’s even more nerve-wracking if what you are launching isn’t even close to what you hope to be the finished project. 

But for a lot of new products and services, this mindset of launch quick and iterate in real-time is a necessary one. Amanda Bradford would agree, and it’s a philosophy she’s embraced in her company since day one.

“I believe that perfection is the enemy of progression. Just getting something out the door is super inspiring to then start polishing it.” 

Amanda is the Founder and CEO of The League, a dating app built for overly ambitious people looking to find their long term partner. In just six months, Amanda conceptualized, then launched, then iterated, and then found funding for the app. Pay attention, because that order of execution matters… and it may just be the difference between a successful product and one that never even hits the shelves. 

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