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Owning Your Digital Identity with Daniel Buchner

Episode 268
Privacy online has become something of a joke, but Daniel Buchner has made it his mission to put users back in control of their digital lives.

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In the modern age of technology, your digital identity is becoming increasingly important. How can we use online services without compromising your privacy and security? Many of the answers can be gleaned from Daniel Buchner, Senior PM and Head of Decentralized Identity at Microsoft.

Daniel and his team at Microsoft have made it their mission to create a more secure and private Internet where your identity is protected. He also represents Microsoft in the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) and is working with members of DIF and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to make decentralized identity a reality.

Daniel’s also spent time at Mozilla, where he ran the Developer Ecosystem product group and various W3C Web standards efforts.

In this interview, Chad and Daniel sit down to discuss what Daniel and his team at Microsoft are working on, why secure data and financial transfers are becoming more prominent, and how Daniel and Microsoft are helping to lead the charge for data privacy.


2:46 – “You should be in control of all elements of your identity and know what you disclose and have the ability to minimize that disclosure so that you stay safe and private.”

9:05 – “[My mission is] to put users back in control of their daily lives – and so much of that is digital these days. Once you do that, you empower people with privacy. I think people should gain a security in what the fourth amendment promises and what some of our rights promise.”

23:02 – “I think the extent that you believe in something will determine the persistence you have in going after it.”


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