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Season 2 / Episode 17

On a Mission to Level 5 with Aicha Evans

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Cars won’t become fully autonomous without massive amounts of data. Today’s guest knows that first hand.

Aicha Evans is the CEO of Zoox, a company in the process of building fully autonomous cars. They made headlines recently when Amazon acquired them for over a billion dollars.

This huge success didn’t happen overnight; it was a slow and steady climb and leading at the helm was Aicha. She was born in Senegal, raised in France, educated in the US, and brings a global perspective to the table.

In today’s episode, Chad and Aicha discuss how philosophy impacts Aicha’s approach to engineering, her career journey in the US, and how she found her way to Zoox. They also cover the way Zoox is working towards fully autonomous self-driving, also known as ‘reaching Level 5.’

So, get ready for the future of self-driving, and tune into this episode with Aicha Evans.

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