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Season 01 / Episode 34

Mission-Driven Purpose with Stephanie Estey

Stephanie Estey (LinkedIn, Website) is the co-founder of ALTRD, an online platform for clothing alterations and tailoring. If your goal was to empower women, what would you do? Launching a web-based clothing alteration business probably isn’t at the top of the list. But that’s what Stephanie did. And staying focused on that greater purpose is what gave her the courage to make the jump into entrepreneurship and the strength to persevere when she went through tough times.

“You have some days where you feel like you’re on cloud nine, and other days where it feels like you’re in a deep ditch, And so, really in those moments of doubt, it’s reminding myself of what the mission is and what the vision is. That’s what keeps me going.”

Entrepreneurship thrives on creating something new. If you find your purpose, and stay focused on that, it will give you the strength and courage to make the leap and persevere.

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