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Making Risky Choices with Rahul Gandhi

Episode 254
Rahul Gandhi is CEO of MakeSpace, a storage solution business disrupting a decades-old industry that has been stubborn about adapting to new technology.

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Rahul Gandhi is no stranger to risky business strategies. After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Rahul came face-to-face with an issue most people don’t think twice about: where to store things in major metropolitan areas. While everyone else saw a problem with no solution, Rahul saw an opportunity.

Rahul has since gone on to found and build MakeSpace, a storage solution business. Rahul Gandhi is the CEO of MakeSpace, a company disrupting the decades-old storage solutions industry with innovative technology and a fresh attitude

What makes MakeSpace unique you ask? When you store something with MakeSpace, the goods are cataloged and moved to a storage facility. Then, when you want to reclaim one of your items, all you have to do is log onto your MakeSpace account, request what you want, and it’s delivered to your home (like Amazon Prime, but for your own possessions).

In this interview, Chad and Rahul sit down to discuss the hard choices Rahul has had to make on his journey from start-up company to industry presence in 24 different cities. Rahul also discusses how he managed to compete in a crowded and very traditionalist industry.

You can follow Rahul on Twitter here and connect on Linkedin here!

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