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Life Lessons Learned from The Iditarod (Pt. 1)

Episode 141, 142
Author Debbie Clarke Moderow shares her story of overcoming adversity and what she learned from running the Iditarod.

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On this episode of The Mission Daily, Chad sits down with Debbie Clarke Moderow, author of Fast Into the Night: A Woman, Her Dogs, and their Journey North on the Iditarod Trail.

In part one of this two-part exclusive interview, Debbie shares her story of resilience, the lessons she learned from running Iditarod and what her dogs taught her about trust and leadership.

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Show Notes

1:30 – How Debbie Got Into Racing

3:05 – How Debbie Got Through Her Miscarriages

7:30 – Why Dog Sled Teams Are Like Businesses

10:30 – Learning to Build and Accelerate Trust

16:30 – The Value of Free and Open Discussions

Fast into the Night: A Woman, Her Dogs, and Their Journey North on the Iditarod Trail

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