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Insights into the Future of Cybersecurity with Christy Wyatt, CEO of Absolute

Episode 397

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Today’s guest is Christy Wyatt, President and CEO of Absolute Software.

Absolute specializes in endpoint security and data risk management solutions, and Christy’s teams are operating at the cutting edge of the cybersecurity field.

Chad and Christy discuss partnerships, mindset, and how the Absolute team works together. They also delve into the more personal side of leadership, where Christy talks about how she balances work and life, how she deals with her inner-critic, and the sacrifices she had to get comfortable making.

Key Discussion Points:

  • An overview of Absolute, the work that they do, and how many customers they have.
  • Learn more about Christy’s background and when she knew security was for her.
  • Find out some of the moments in Christy’s career that make her feel most excited.
  • Insights into security, what the core problems are, and what companies are looking for.
  • Why information sharing is sometimes difficult among security companies.
  • Recurring problems that Absolute encounters from their customers and solutions they offer.
  • Christy’s take on partnerships, adding value, and moving beyond technical relations.
  • Learn about how Christy’s founding vision has changed over her year and a half as CEO.
  • Why work-from-home is going to be a critical security issue going forward.
  • Building culture and stress testing: Christy’s take on culture, values, and putting them to the test.
  • Christy’s work-life balance, being comfortable with trade-offs, and shutting off self-criticism.
  • How Christy handles making mistakes and building healthy support systems.
  • Leadership at Absolute: Traits that make a good leader at the company.
  • Security trends Christy thinks people are not paying enough attention to.
  • Always stay eager to learn because when you close off, it hijacks trust.
  • The apps Christy commonly uses, her love of reading, and the best advice she’s received.


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