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Season 8 / Episode 4

Impact-Driven Business with Jesse Grothaus

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What if business can, at its core, be philanthropic? What if everything a business does is entirely derived from the motivation to do good?

“We separate this idea of business and doing good in the world as two things that cannot be compatible with each other, but I think … they can both exist. They should both exist together. You don’t have to separate them. You shouldn’t separate them. You can think about them as one. “

That’s Jesse Grothaus, an Army Veteran and the founder and CEO of Cloud Pathfinder Consulting.

Jesse has spent the last three years building a company that brings to life the idea that doing business and doing good do not — and should not — exist apart from one another.

As he’s built his business, he has found that his philanthropic mission has helped guide him through many of the problems entrepreneurs typically face — from hiring, to retention, to securing the next contract.

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