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How to Live in Flow with Sky Nelson Isaacs

Episode 303
Ever experience a ‘coincidence’ where everything happened perfectly? Sky Nelson Isaacs explains what synchronicity is and how to live in flow.

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“A synchronicity is a meaningful event that leads to a set of experiences we want to have.” – Sky Nelson Isaacs

Synchronicity: noun. The simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Sky Nelson Isaacs is a physics educator, speaker, and author of Living in Flow: The Science of Synchronicity and How Your Choices Shape Your World, which uses scientific research to explain acts of synchronicity. Sky has studied synchronicity and flow for the past 20 years and has shared his findings in academic articles and at events across the country.

Sky explains that while many of our experiences in life are difficult, if we can assume all events are leading us to our desired outcome, then we are able to fully embrace synchronicity and all that it brings. In Living in Flow, Sky introduces the LORAX process for bringing more synchronicity and flow into your life. 

So what does LORAX stand for and how can we use it? 

L – Listen to your circumstance(s)

O – Open your mind to the possibilities

R – Reflect on how these new possibilities could work 

R – Release attachment to the way you thought things would go, or your desired outcome

A – Take action and make a choice 

X – Repeat 

On this episode, Chad and Sky discuss what synchronicity is, how you can bring more of it into your life, and how being authentic allows you to live a life in flow.

Quotes from Sky:

1:02 – “I do live my life paying attention to the principles that I write about in the book everyday. It’s an exploration for me to understand, ‘what does flow really point to?’ What’s beautiful about it that it’s a never ending investigation into who are as human beings.”

1:55 -“A big message in my book is that synchronicity as a process is not a positive process, it’s a neutral process so a lot of experiences that show up that are synchronistic are difficult. ‘How is this experience helping me grow in some way, or evolve?’ And from that perspective I feel like I’m dealing with a lot of challenges in my life at the same time I’m dealing with a lot of good stuff. And living in flow is being able to hold both of those in context at the same time.”

11:37 -”A synchronicity is a meaningful event which is meaningful because it leads to a set of experiences we want to have. So synchronicity might not seem meaningful in the moment but if we look and reflect carefully on it or just wait a little while, we’ll see how that surprising event actually leads to something we had intended or had in mind.”

14:01 – “What draws me to the study of synchronicity, is that I think it is a core experience that people associate with spirituality and the divine. ‘How is life sending us experiences that we need to have?’ But we don’t have to look at it as necessarily being related to spirituality, we can look at it as a scientific process.”

21:55 – [On singing out loud on an airline..]  “It was what I call ‘lighting a spark’, you don’t know where it’s going to lead. But by living that way, by taking actions which step outside the comfort zones in ways that are respectful to others, that’s how we generate synchronicities.”


Albertus Magnus 

Carl Jung

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