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Having An Ambition for Impact with Dan Helfrich, CEO of Deloitte Consulting

Episode 395

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Today, Chad sits down with Dan Helfrich, Chairman and CEO of Deloitte Consulting.

With 56,000 employees, Deloitte Consulting has grown from a small but vibrant agency to one that generates billions in revenue each year and has a global influence.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The benefits of having the ambition to make an impact rather than for a specific position.
  • Hear about the joyful first steps of learning and creating in the early days at Deloitte. 
  • Helping the formation of the DHS and TSA following the events of September 11th. 
  • Deloitte’s strategy for maintaining focus amid a plethora of new opportunities in the government sector. 
  • How the Deloitte team went about building partnerships to form a broad coalition. 
  • The advantages and disadvantages of being a private versus a public company. 
  • The importance of protecting your own wellbeing in order to remain an effective leader. 
  • Having the confidence to make decisions about things that matter to you personally. 
  • Watching live sports, listening to podcasts, hiking, and other practices to unwind. 
  • Why Dan reads biographies rather than classic business books. 
  • The value of seeking to understand people and demographics that are unfamiliar to you. 
  • Deloitte’s initiatives to promote engagement among different cultures and communities.  
  • Cultivating a culture of service by promoting humility rather than arrogance. 
  • The intersection of sponsorship and luck – the key recipe for success. 
  • Deloitte’s goal of being the most influential and responsible consultancy in the world. 
  • Getting fueled by impacting the lives of people in diverse ways. 
  • The platforms Dan uses to communicate with and encourage a team of 56,000. 


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