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Grace Under Pressure with Lisa Wentz

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“You can choose to play it safe and still fail, so why not go after what you want?”- Lisa Wentz

Talking is hard. Talking about something you are passionate about can be even harder. Between the excitement, nerves, and pressure to do well, public speaking is a daunting task even the most successful struggle with. That’s where Lisa Wentz steps in.

Lisa is an author, voice coach, and motivational speaker. She recently published her first book, Grace Under Pressure: A Masterclass in Public Speaking. In addition to her writing, Lisa’s taught public speaking to executives and leaders at Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, Fitbit, and countless others. And, because that’s apparently not enough to keep her busy, she is also the founder of the San Francisco Voice Center, which provides a place for business leaders of all levels to practice and master public speaking and articulation.

In today’s episode, Chad and Lisa sit down to discuss her new book, how experiences in your childhood can shape your ability to speak and articulate clearly and how to overcome any speaking inhibitions you may be harboring today.

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Quotes by Lisa Wentz:

9:44 – [On overcoming stage-fright] “My definition of stage-fright is basically just these two things; an unrealistic expectation for perfection coupled with a fear of judgment.”

11:06 – [On how to practice using your voice] “Take the journal a step further and get it out verbally.”

21:14 – “If you can take the time, get a little bit of solitude. Again, physicalizing things can be a great [way to] clear the cobwebs a bit- especially if you are someone who is overworked.”

22:00 – “You can choose to play it safe and still fail, so why not go after what you want?”

22:16 – “You’ve only got so much time on this planet, so why not go after [your dreams]?”


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