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Season 04 / Episode 10

Following Through with Joel MacIntosh

We’ve all had that moment.

Maybe it was at your wedding, or during the birth of your first child, or when you happened upon that ‘revolutionary’ business idea.

It’s that moment when your mind and heart fall into sync and something just clicks – you know without a doubt what you need to do and who you need to be.

It’s this spectacular moment of clarity… that leaves you completely unprepared to face reality.

Marriage is hard, parenting even harder, and building a business is a struggle every step of the way.

It’s easy to be excited about the start of something new. But as Joel MacIntosh will tell you, there’s a BIG difference between starting something and following through.

“When we hire new people, I still take them through the training and ask them, ‘Hey, have you ever lived paycheck? Because this business at one point lived payroll to payroll.’”

Joel is the founder and CEO of WolfNet. He’s ridden the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship and knows that while there are countless paths to success, all of them are built on passion, focus… and a fierce drive to follow through.

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