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Season 01 / Episode 21

Finding Happiness in Life and Business with Shawn Achor

Sometimes what you do or what you study can become more a part of you than you realize. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. For Shawn Achor, he took his bout with depression and the research he was doing on how to create happiness into a career all his own in an industry in which he is the leading expert.

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Shawn Achor (Website, Twitter) has built a successful career as an author and a happiness researcher. It’s a niche industry, but one that impacts every single person in the world. You might assume that someone who studies happiness would always be on the upswing, but for Shawn, his greatest findings — and what has helped him be successful as an author and advisor for businesses large and small — came from some of the toughest struggles of his life.

“When I got depressed at Harvard, the turning point was when I moved away from trying to solve this individually to opening up to my friends, my eight closest friends and family, and telling them, ‘I’ve been depressed for two years. I really need your help. I don’t know if I can overcome this.’ The groundswell of support is amazing.”

Going through that experience colored how Shawn went about his work, built a business and created a career that was meaningful for him and all those who work with him.  


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