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Extinction, Evolution, and Event Horizons

Episode 284
In order to avoid extinction, we must evolve, learn, and overcome as fast as we possibly can. Event horizons are the key to doing just that.

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“In the modern world, there are still many event horizons left to have the courage to go through and discover, and the only things worth doing are the things you currently think you can’t.” – Chad Grills

In today’s episode, Chad and Stephanie review last Monday’s newsletter where Chad dives into three key themes that we’re going to be integrating into our current and future episodes on Mission Daily. Those three themes are: extinction, evolution, and event horizons. What do these mean and why are we focusing on them? 

Extinction – 99% of all life on earth has gone extinct. We are an extremely adaptable species, however, it’s important for us to think about existential threats to humanity. How can we make this a daily conversation so that we are progressing humanity towards evolution and not towards extinction?

Evolution –  In order to evolve, we must accept the next biological singularity or our own species may be at risk. Think Elon Musk and Mars. We must embrace our own evolution and step forward into the future. 

Event Horizons – The emergence of human language was the first singularity that humans faced. We often fall into the trap of near term thinking. But what does the future hold thousands of years from now and how are you helping to create the next event horizon for humankind- good or bad? 

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Quotes by Chad:

14:06 – “Event horizons can be scary because, by their nature, we can’t see past them until we are there. Sometimes the unknown stops people from even trying, or worst yet, they go extinct with the answer, to save themselves, clutched in their hands.”

14:21 – “The answers are known at this point. It’s just a matter of if we are going to create technology fast enough and good things fast enough, or are we just going to live in the mediocre, negative, and dystopian creations of others?”


Graham Hancock

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