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Disrupting Time and Industry: How Thimble Created a SaaS-Based Insurance Model with Rikin Diwan of Thimble

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At first blush, getting insurance seems relatively straightforward. You research providers, you request a quote, and you go with the option that best suits your needs. Simple, right? Boring even. And sure, marketers have tried for years to add spice to a relatively bland industry… Geico continues to celebrate the Gecko, Progressive has long-running ads with the lovable Flow, and State Farm has encouraged us all not to buy insurance our parents did. But none of those ads cater to SMBs, and neither do the companies. But Thimble has been able to fill an SMB-sized void in the market.

“Insurance is very intent-driven, and therefore search-driven for digital marketer. We can see what these guys are looking for. What are all of our competitors ranking for? So rather than… try to deconstruct their content calendar, we really go find new opportunities and find ways of thinking that are important to us versus them. So it’s still the same approach or a skill set, but it’s a different strategy.”

That’s Rikin Diwan, SVP of Marketing at Thimble, a SaaS-based insurance platform that is helping SMBs and freelancers get insurance based on their needs. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Rikin unpacks how Thimble is making insurance fun by building a content strategy based on reusable blogs that puts the company at the top of the search rankings. Rikin also discusses his personal journey to Thimble and why every marketer should do a little self-exploration. Enjoy!

Main Takeaways

  • Are We Speaking the Same Language?: Marketers can talk about KPIs, engagement and growth tactics all they want, but at the end of the day those are not the numbers other C-Suite members care about and relate to. Marketers must be able to relate marketing metrics back to business metrics and show how your efforts are affecting the overall health and growth of the business.
  • Understand your Niche: You have to be able to identify what your unfair advantage is and consistently lean into that strategy. If the other big players are catering to a certain demographic, pivot and focus on the segment of the industry that is being neglected. When you consistently lean into strategies that larger companies are using, you won’t have an opportunity to stand out or grow your business.
  • Did You See this Post?: Look for ways to spice up your industry. Just because the product doesn’t seem exciting, doesn’t mean that consumers are not looking for your product. Utilize SEO and blog posts to get in front of customers who are asking consistent questions that could serve as a gateway to your sales funnel.

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Episode 245