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Democratizing Information with Alex Gladstein

Episode 264
Is privacy a human right? Alex Gladstein thinks so and believes cryptography is the key to bolstering privacy measures worldwide.

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“Privacy is a human right and I think we need to be proud of it.”

As the Chief Strategy Officer of the Human Rights Foundation, Alex Gladstein, has made it his life’s goal to make sure that everyone, regardless of nationality, is treated with dignity and afforded their basic human rights.

Now, through the power of cryptography, Alex and the HRF have a whole new set of tools at their disposal to reach this goal. In today’s episode, Chad and Alex sit down to discuss how the HRF is using cryptography to help bolster privacy measures throughout the world. They also talk about how the HRF is on a mission to help democratize information through cryptography and the ability to discreetly share information.

Connect with Alex on Linkedin here and follow The Human Rights Foundation on Twitter here!


2:56 – “I believe that certain kinds of technology will always empower people over oppressive governments or corporations.”

4:47 – “Privacy is a human right and I think we need to be proud of it.”

17:40 – “We want to make sure that cryptographic data can secure our data and money.”


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