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Creating Stories that Matter with Sophia Bush

Episode 346
A behind-the-scenes interview with Sophia Bush, narrator of our latest show: Hidden In Plain Sight.

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Sophia Bush is many things; an actress, activist, and avid reader. She hosts a new podcast called Work in Progress and is working on several soon-to-be-released films. She is an LA native and, as the daughter of two immigrant parents, understands the value of the American Dream and the value of the life she’s built for herself. 

But what many might not know is that Sophia is also a self-proclaimed “data science nerd” and narrator of our newest tech podcast, Hidden In Plain Sight

“There’s been so much ballooning innovation in the space and because so many of us don’t have the touchpoints to it that some of these bigger tech companies do, we’ve seen a lot of the negative usages of data mining and of data science happen in the world recently,” says Sophia. 

“It’s incredibly important that we as a citizenry have more transparency into these systems. Because the inverse of something like a Cambridge Analytica is the incredible, life-changing, life-saving, humanity-bolstering tech that’s being created right now.”

This behind-the-scenes episode of Mission Daily was recorded with Sophia right after she completed season one of Hidden In Plain Sight. Chad and Stephanie join her in-studio to discuss the show, what’s she’s been up to, and her tips for time management and self-care. 

If you enjoyed this episode and want to hear more about how data is changing the world for the better, subscribe to Hidden In Plain Sight here. New episodes release every Wednesday.


“The best thing to do when you see a problem in the world is not to feel that natural thing of ‘I’m one person, what can I do about it?’ But it is to say, ‘I’m going to go help the helpers.’ And this series highlights so many helpers that so many of us can then learn about, research a little bit about, find an organization around the world to support or an organization in our community to go and volunteer with. And that’s how we affect change. That’s when every single one of us really, really does matter as an individual.” — Sophia Bush

“So much of the news does feel negative. Watching the nightly news now is sort of like watching a cage match. It’s designed to traumatize us because people are very reactive when they’re afraid. And so [it’s important] to be able to — thanks to technology and spaces like podcasting — tell good stories, positive stories, inspiring stories. We’re living in a world right now that really is thirsty for inspiration.” — Sophia Bush

“These problems are horrible, but they’re also a way to connect with your friends and family and really do something that matters with your time.” — Chad Grills

“Something a lot of people, even myself, have gotten into the trap of thinking is that other people are solving this. Other people know how to target human traffickers. Other people know how to solve land degradation. And it’s important to actually realize that, no, anyone can help with this problem.” — Stephanie Postles

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress.” — Sophia Bush


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