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Season 01 / Episode 12

Creating Balance with Y’vonne Ormond

As a small business owner, so much responsibility falls to you to make your business work. You have to be willing to take on many various roles. Juggling these roles can be a challenge, but the ability to create the systems and processes that works for you is also one of the greatest joys of small business.

Y’vonne Ormond (Twitter, LinkedIn) spent many years working in the corporate world where she learned the ins and outs of business. But at a certain point, the corporate world became unfulfilling on a personal level. Y’vonne decided to go out on her own, and in doing so create a work-life balance that worked for her.

But the journey wasn’t easy. And along the way Y’vonne had to deal with personal hardships while learning how to juggle the many tasks small business owners are required to take on.

“The thing about being a small business owner I am the CEO, the COO, CFO, the project manager and HR….No, there’s no off. That’s the other challenge I feel like I have 200 bosses because it’s my role to serve my employees, to serve my children and to serve my clients.”

Being a small business owner and a single mom all at the same time is a lot of work and it’s not a path many people can handle. But for those like Y’vonne who work hard and figure out a way to make it work, the benefits and rewards are worth all the sacrifice.

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