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Creating a Culture of Empathy with Dr. Emily Anhalt

Episode 249
Are you creating a company culture where employees can grow and thrive?

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To create a company culture and a working environment where employees can grow and thrive, you have to first understand how people think and interact. Dr. Emily Anhalt, our guest for today, has made a career out of teaching leaders how to understand this link.

Dr. Anhalt (Twitter | LinkedIn | Website) has worked with leaders of Fortune 500 companies and numerous Venture Capital firms on how to use psychology to create positive working environments. She is Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Beam, a “Gym for the Mind” that provides members with workshops on how to be an emotionally fit leader and how to deal with difficult people. The gym also serves as an open community to discuss tough emotional issues in a judgment-free environment.

In today’s episode, Chad and Dr. Anhalt discuss her work, the value of a third party opinion, and how to create a culture of play and empathy within a company.

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