What if the answers to humanity’s biggest problems were Hidden in Plain Sight? Each episode explores the people, teams, and technologies that are solving society’s most serious problems.

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Season 2 / Episode 25

Creating a Better Internet with Anneka Gupta

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Over the course of their lifetimes, businesses grow and change. At LiveRamp, Anneka Gupta has had a front-row seat to that process – first as a  fresh-out-of-college software engineer, and now, a decade later, as co-president of the publicly-traded company.

LiveRamp is on a mission to create a better, more open internet. But to accomplish that goal, they must protect users by maintaining their freedom of speech.

In this episode of Hidden in Plain Sight, Anneka shares that mission and why it matters. Plus, she dives into her perspectives on leadership, culture, and diversity, as well as highlights opportunities for leaders who want to use data for good.

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