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Season 01 / Episode 14

Community Building with Gina Bianchini

Community building, good timing and following your passions are what separate the winners in business from those who flounder trying to find their way.

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Building a company is like building a small community, and that takes passion. There is a power that comes from finding likeminded people to bond and build with. No one knows this more deeply than Gina Bianchini (Twitter, LinkedIn), who has spent her entire life in search of community and connection.

She took everything she learned from groups she joined as a young person in Cupertino, California and was able to combine her deep love of community with smart investments — and a bit of luck in terms of timing — to create a company that she is committed to growing.

When you have the opportunity to serve people and to serve people’s full expression of themselves and the connections that they’re making with each other, I mean, that is a rush that I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience at least once.

In this episode, you’ll learn about Gina’s company, Mighty Networks, and how she has been able to do what she loves all by using the skills she’s learned along the way.

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