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Closing the Gender Pay Gap with Meggie Palmer of PepTalkHer

Episode 340
How do we close the gender pay gap? First, by helping women to understand their value in the workplace.

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Meggie Palmer is on a personal mission to close the gender pay gap. She founded PepTalkHer, an app that helps women recognize their value in the workplace and gives them the confidence to ask for a raise. 

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Meggie spent more than a decade working as a journalist for BBC World, CNBC, Discovery Channel, and others as a Foreign Correspondent & Director.  She loved journalism but realized that it was not going to pay what she needed to retire comfortably. To help create those extra funds, she started a side hustle called Sliding Door Media,  which offers media trainings to help companies tell their story. Once Meggie was ready to fully make the leap and leave journalism, her side hustle was able to provide the support she needed to start PepTalkHer.

On this episode, Ian and Meggie discuss the impact the stories we tell about ourselves have on how we and others value us, and how telling the right story can dramatically improve the value we create and receive.

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Quotes from Meggie:

“You’ve got to start a company that you are happy to do even if you don’t make money. Because, as you know. startups are really hard and if you don’t live and breathe it, then it’s even harder.”

“What I’ve tried to do in my career is to take all the negative things that have happened and think, ‘How can I build a company that flips that on its head?’”

“What I have found is that people relate to stories. And people want to share their stories. Often we focus on the negatives. We focus on the deal we didn’t close, the typo, you know, the mistake you made having a tough conversation. But I’ve really shifted into a more positive mindset, which has allowed me to think more clearly, and more abundantly.”


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