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Season 04 / Episode 05

Chasing the Dream with Scott Kitun

Do you remember the 2017 DreamWorks’ animated film Boss Baby? The poster featured a serious-looking infant, dressed in a sharp black suit sitting underneath the words ‘Born Leader.’

Well, that’s kind of where our story starts today.

“I used to travel every summer with my dad. He put me in this little tux or some goofy oversized suit and I’d sit in and listen to him in boardrooms with manufacturers and reps and resellers and everybody in between.”

That’s Scott Kitun, preteen business tycoon-turned-CEO of entrepreneurial network, Technori. And as you might have guessed, Scott’s business journey started a lot earlier than most.

Over the years, he’s learned a lot about what to do – how to find investors, how to build a network, how to chase your dream. But through it all, he’s also learned a lot about what not to do, when to keep dreaming, and when to move on.

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