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Business Judo with Adam Blitzer

Episode 270
How do you take an $8 website domain and bootstrap it into a multi-million dollar business? Adam Blitzer is the man to ask.

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How do you take an $8 website domain and bootstrap it into a $100M acquisition by Salesforce? Listen to learn how Adam Blitzer, Co-Founder of Pardot did just that.

Using that vision, Adam and his co-founders managed to turn Pardot into a force to be reckoned with in the B2B Marketing space. Eventually, their success garnered the attention of Salesforce, who acquired Pardot in 2013.

In this episode, Adam (who now serves as the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Sales Cloud at Salesforce) shares what he’s learned along his journey; including how to compete asymmetrically using your strengths as a business.

Quotes by Adam Blitzer:

11:21 – “[In the beginning], we thought all the time about, how can we compete asymmetrically? How can we fight in a way where our opponents’ strengths didn’t matter and the battle was all about our strengths.”

16:23 – “[When at Pardot in the beginning], culture became the way we competed. That was our secret weapon.”

18:39 – “The number one job of a CEO or a co-founder is hiring the right people, building the right culture and maintaining it.”

44:32 – “In B2B marketing you have two customers, you have your end customer and you have your sales team. We think B2B Marketers need to think much more about revenue, much more about pipeline and much more about business that the team is booking.”


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