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Building Trust in the Digital Age with Cory Louie, Chief Trust & Security Officer at Checkr

Episode 326
From the Secret Service to tech startup, Cory Louie shares his takeaways from an untraditional career.

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“We’re in the middle of an evolution of how we think about trusting people.” — Cory Louie

Cory Louie did not have a traditional path into the tech world. He started his career serving in the Secret Service at the White House. Prior to that, he volunteered with the Electronic Crime Special Agent Program where he was trained “to be a hacker in order to go after the hackers.” Cory now serves as Chief Trust & Security Officer at Checkr, an AI-powered background check platform that helps gig economy companies such as Uber, Lyft, Instacart, and many more run background checks quickly.

Checkr is helping businesses scale by giving employers the ease of faster turnaround while also giving interviewees more visibility on the data shared with their potential employer.

“We are really utilizing technology to empower decisions for fairness. A lot of people think of background checks as keeping the bad out but another part of it is ‘how do we empower the decision-makers with the right type of data to make the right decisions on hiring.”

On this episode, Ian sits down with Cory to discuss his unique career path from law enforcement to the tech sector, what CEOs and CIOs can do to build trust with their users, and what opportunities AI and machine learning will have in security going forward. 

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Quotes from Cory:

“Trust is fundamental to security. I think security is a subset of trust. Trust is security, privacy, and compliance — all of those things together.”

“Trust means different things to different people. It starts with building trust within your company, and then you think about trust outside your company and how the world views you. There was an assumed trust in the past that started at a 100, and today, it starts at 0 or somewhere in between. You have to not only earn it, but you have to maintain it.”

“When you meld on these things together, it becomes not just an operational responsibility but a strategic responsibility and also a responsibility that transcends all the different business units and really defines your brand and product. We have a huge responsibility to protect all this very sensitive data that we deal with and all other companies deal with as well.”

“There needs to be more strategic planning behind how you actually evaluate people on the front end through a background check but also how to then manage people ongoing as well. People are realizing that you have to manage your people on an ongoing basis, not just at a point in time”




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