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Season 01 / Episode 18

Building True Partnerships with Bryce Maddock

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t venture out on their own. They often have a partner — or even a couple of co-founders — who take the journey with them. Finding the right partner is critical, and being able to grow, change, withstand failures and successes all while maintaining open and honest communication is hard. But when you put in the effort and make your partnership a priority, more often than not, good things will happen.

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Bryce Maddock (LinkedIn) was lucky enough to find a business partner in his best friend, Jaspar Weir. And while that may sound like fun — who wouldn’t want to work every day with their BFF? — it hasn’t always been easy.

I’ve heard so many horror stories of close friends, best friends whose relationships had been torn apart by failed business ventures or sometimes actually torn apart by successful business ventures. Jaspar and I have had our fair share of challenges because we are both hyper competitive, and while we love each other’s company, we also both want to be in the spotlight. And, when you’re co-founders and you’re two people who are in the business, that can be a really big challenge.

Bryce and Jaspar failed in their initial attempt at business. And when they took a second shot at business ownership together, they had to do hard, humbling work to learn how to communicate effectively. The end result was a successful business, TaskUs, and many lessons learned including that communication is the core of any true partnership.

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