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Season 01 / Episode 33

Big Picture Thinking with Regis Malloy

Regis Malloy (LinkedIn, Website) is the founder of G1VE, a company that connects small businesses with nonprofits and automates charitable giving. Before that he had a job he loved, and was hesitant to leave. But a large part of Regis’ worldview is focusing on the big picture. And when he did that, he knew he had to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

“The company that I left was probably the best company I had ever worked for. I was extremely happy there. And so you might think, well why would you leave? And there were times when I thought that. But really it prepared me and equipped me. I know in my bones that absolutely it was the right thing to do.”

Picture this: you have a job you absolutely love, working alongside great people. You’re doing work you’re proud of, and getting paid very well. And then you leave it all behind. It might sound crazy, but that’s exactly what Regis Malloy did. 

And the reason he did it is because he was focused on the big picture. Focus is one of the most important elements of success in business and in life, but when it turns into tunnel vision we lose sight of what’s most important. Big picture thinking can help us see what truly matters.

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