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Season 04 / Episode 09

Being an Underdog with Laurel Taylor

Underdog stories are everywhere — in film, TV, the news, and all manner of books. They are classic heroic tales about the ones no one bet on (and many bet against) coming out on top.

And while they may be cliche, admit it… we all love a good underdog story.

“I weighed 85 pounds in high school, and no one ever saw me coming. It used to really annoy me, and then I began to realize that that was kind of a superpower being consistently under underestimated.”

Laurel Taylor is the Founder and CEO of FutureFuel.io. She learned to embrace being underestimated and treated that rejection as a catalyst for something more.

And that’s the difference between an underdog-soon-to-be-top-dog and everyone else; they take the pain in life, the rejection of the critics, the questioning of those close to you… and turn it into a fuel that’s unstoppable.

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