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Season 01 / Episode 16

Analysis Paralysis with Rahul Gandhi

Being an entrepreneur is hard. And it brings with it a lot of uncertainty. Every entrepreneur tries their hardest to reduce uncertainty and minimize their risk of failure, but you never get all the way there. You have to fully commit before you figure everything out. Because if you wait to figure everything out, you’ll never get off the ground.

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The son of an entrepreneur, Rahul Gandhi (Twitter, LinkedIn) saw how unstable that life was and wasn’t interested in living with the uncertainty and doubt that went along with it. But entrepreneurship was in his blood, and despite how much he ran from it, Rahul was eventually led back to the path of small business ownership. Even still, though, Rahul resisted, and he had to find within himself the courage to finally say yes and choose the entrepreneur’s path. How did he find that courage? Well, life has a funny way of putting you in situations that test your toughness, inspire you to build things, and prepares you for challenges you didn’t know you were going to face.

“If you’ve ever had dreams of starting a business whether, even if it’s not starting a business or just taking a risk, you know, just do it. Like life is short….if I have to look back on my career and where I started in corporate, in banking, in venture capital, and all these turns and angles that I took, I wouldn’t trade the last six years for anything because I’ve grown so much as a person. I’ve met so many challenges that I never thought I’d even encounter. It’s changed my perspective on life.”

Rahul took a long road to the entrepreneur’s life, but when he finally found his path and started MakeSpace, his destiny became clear. This is his journey and from it, you’ll learn the decision to commit to action is the most important decision you can make.

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