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Season 2 / Episode 29

Alpha Storytelling with Julian Guthrie

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What happens when you dig just a little bit deeper? When you look beyond the surface level to find the tale worth telling? When the thrill of chasing the story leads down a path to uncovering one of Silicon Valley’s worst-kept secrets?

For nearly three decades this is how Julian Guthrie has made her career. By simply refusing to tell the story that wanted to be told, and instead looking beneath the cracks to find the one that needed to be told.

A lover of words, language, and storytelling, and boasting multiple nominations for the Pulitzer Prize, Julian is driven by an understanding that the right story, and the right narration, can open minds, change lives, and jumpstart a movement.

In this episode, Julian joins Chad to discuss her latest book, Alpha Girls, the tale of four women, who through diligence, grit, and determination, took on a male-dominated industry to forge their own path. The two also discuss the message and movement, as well as Julian’s other experiences, books, and learnings profiling some of the most well known and unknown entrepreneurs on the planet.

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