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Active Listening with Elisa Steele

Episode 272
For Elisa Steele, CEO of Namely, it’s all about prioritization and active listening. Learn how she uses both to be a better leader.

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“What I learned going into the board room is your biggest asset is how good of a listener you are. ” – Elisa Steele

In her nearly thirty-year career, Elisa Steele has learned a lot about what it means to be a leader. She’s had stints at Microsoft, Skype, Yahoo! and AT&T. Currently, she’s serving as the CEO of Namely, an HR software company that provides payroll and HR management services to thousands of businesses.

Through all of that, Elisa has zeroed in on one particularly useful superpower; the ability to actively listen to what her employees and customers need.

In this episode, Chad and Elisa sit down to discuss how to be a better leader through active listening, how that can lead to authentic storytelling that will empower your business and brand, and why you need to embrace the idea of “reverse mentors.”

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Quotes by Elisa:

4:20 – “To me, it’s all about prioritization every day. I don’t really believe in this concept of work-life balance.”

5:15 – “It’s all about ruthless prioritization, and in the end that means that you’re getting the right ‘work life balance’ because you’re just doing the things that are most important in that moment.”

20:16 – “I learned, with the power of authentic storytelling, that marketing is actually all about product.”

22:41 – “What I learned going into the board room is your biggest asset is how good of a listener you are. ”

23:13 – “Active listening is the most important thing.”

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