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Account-Based Marketing 101 with Laura Ramos

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Everywhere you look, B2B marketers are talking about Account-Based Marketing, and its prominence is only growing. So to better understand the technology, we talked to Laura Ramos, VP and Principal Analyst for B2B Marketing Professionals at Forrester Research. 

On this episode, Laura talks about where ABM came from, what’s next for the technology, and what it means for B2B marketers. She also talks about her background with Forrester, why she left and came back to the field of research, and the most important insights she drew for the SiriusDecisions 2019 Summit. 


Notes & Quotes: http://bit.ly/2yXulqL

Laura’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lauraramos2013

Laura’s Twitter: twitter.com/lauraramos

Forrester Research: forrester.com

5 Key Takeaways:

– Account Based Marketing takes the idea of one to one marketing and scales it in a sustainable way. 

– The two most important aspects of ABM strategy are the ability to analyze data and insights, and the ability to personalize content.

– ABM forces both sellers and marketers to focus on the right things, rather than focusing purely on volume.

– ABM is forcing marketers to think harder about who they target, and that’s a good thing.

– “You need your sellers to be helpful and human, not hungry.” – Laura Ramos


Laura Ramos is the VP & Principal Analyst serving B2B Marketing Professionals at Forrester Research. She is a leading expert in business-to-business marketing with hands-on senior management experience in corporate, industry, and product marketing; demand management; and social media. 

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