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A Well Lopsided Life with Randi Zuckerberg

Episode 315
Should living a balanced life be your goal? Randi Zuckerberg thinks it’s better to be “well lopsided.”

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Randi Zuckerberg is a true renaissance woman. Her long list of achievements includes working at Facebook in marketing for more than 6 years, producing shows on Broadway and founding Zuckerberg Media. She knows what it means to prioritize multiple projects at once and excel at each. 

Since leaving Facebook, Randi founded Zuckerberg Media, where her focus is bringing more young girls and women into the technology industry and STEM at large. 

“I knew once my work was complete with Facebook that the second chapter of my career would really be around getting more women in the room and changing what the upper executives of this company looks like,” Randi says.

Her new book, Pick Three: You Can Have It All (Just Not Every Day), speaks to her personal life philosophy. “I’m really not a fan of the term ‘being well balanced,’” Randi says. “I don’t think anyone has ever done anything they were proud on in life while being well balanced, so I give myself permission to be well lopsided. Whatever I’m focusing on in the moment that I want to be great at, it’s going to mean prioritizing that thing and saying no other things.” Ultimately, Randi summarizes, you can have it all but you have to prioritize and pick three things you want to focus on each day, whether it’s work, family, or your personal health. 

On this episode of Mission Daily, Chad and Randi sit down to discuss how she is managing her various projects, career mistakes and what she has learned from them along the way, and her personal mission to be ‘well lopsided’ in life. 

Quotes from Randi:

“For me, it started out as a mission [Zuckerberg Media]. I knew that I wanted to bring more gender diversity into Silicon Valley and STEM but I wasn’t quite sure how to do that. I had an initial hypothesis about creating content but as I started to really do research and dig into the data I found two key moments that we lose women in STEM and tech. And that is when they are girls between 8-10 years old and another is in the entrepreneurship phase of starting a company.”

“Being at Facebook at such an early age completely changed my entire career and what I thought was possible in the world with entrepreneurship.”

“I loved every moment of working in Silicon Valley with Facebook. The only thing that I did not love was pretty much being the only woman in every room that I was in for a decade. That was something I really started to question and think about. How is it that we are building these global companies, but everyone in the room looks identical?”


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