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101 Days of Bitcoin with Austin Craig

Episode 266
Is it possible to live and thrive using nothing but bitcoin? Austin Craig tells us how he did it for 101 days straight.

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Is it possible to live and thrive using nothing but bitcoin? For Austin Craig and his wife, Beccy, this question served as the inspiration for their documentary Life on Bitcoin. The film follows Austin and Beccy as they attempt to purchase food, housing and other necessities using nothing but bitcoin for 101 days.

It’s exactly that kind of adventurous spirit, innovative thinking and reckless abandon that inspired us to hire Austin as the producer on our newest (and still secret) podcast.

In this episode, Stephanie and Austin sit down to discuss the struggles and triumphs of living on nothing but bitcoin for over three months. They also talk about how to see past the crypto hype and capture a clearer view of what the future holds for bitcoin.


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