Social Impact Roundtable with Claudine Emeott and Madeline Duva

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On this special episode of Mission Daily, we are joined by two amazing women doing amazing things in the world of social impact investing.

Joining Chad on-site at Salesforce Tower are Claudine Emeott from the Salesforce Impact Fund and Madeline Duva the CEO of Fluxx.

Our guests weigh in on the current landscape of impact investing as well as share some of their personal stories, perspectives, and hopes for the space. 

The conversation also covers diversity in the startup world – how it is increasing but still needs attention. Madeline and Claudine share their outlook for the future of both companies and imagine what would be possible in impact investing given the right conditions.

For all of this (and a whole lot more), tune into today’s episode!

Key Discussion Points:

  • The three types of investing; venture capital, social impact and foundation work. 
  • A history of Fluxx and Madeline’s interest in the field of impact investing. 
  • Claudine’s work at Salesforce and her path to leading the impact fund.  
  • The evolution of questions in the social impact space over the last decade. 
  • Specific examples of work that Fluxx does and standout cases of success. 
  • The importance of food safety and accurate censuses for the delivery of grants. 
  • The collaborative and non-competitive spirit of the social impact field. 
  • Claudine’s hopes for the future of her work at Salesforce and beyond. 
  • The company culture at Fluxx and the importance of building it correctly. 
  • Increasing amounts of diversity in the tech industry and investing game. 
  • Best pieces of advice received by our guests; honesty and integrity.
  • Claudine and Madeline’s advice to up-and-comers in the impact investing space.  
  • The importance of a passion for problem-solving in investing and startups.
  • Claudine’s experience living and working in Kathmandu for a year! 
  • Looking to the horizon with Fluxx and some of the tenets of their forthcoming initiatives. 
  • A description of a dream pitch for Claudine and Salesforce to receive.


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