Sara Varni, CMO of Twilio on Marketing and Life

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In this episode of The Mission Daily, Chad and Ian talk to Sara Varni, the CMO of Twilio.

Not in the episode: Sara and Ian geek out when they find out they went to the same high school 🙂

Show Notes:

1:00: Inspiration from clever writing
2:05: How Sara got started in her career
6:20: You learn from good and bad bosses
8:05: Tips on prioritization
9:49: Conferences
11:13: What to look forward to at Signal
13:20: Best and worst marketing campaigns Sara has been a part of
16:02: How to think long term
17:50: Uncommon truths about marketing
20:50: worst campaign
21:25: creating one on one relationship
23:30: Generating word of mouth
24:58: Lightning round


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Episode 130